Drew Barrymore Pokes Fun at Her Viral Rain TikTok With Fellow Sensation ‘Corn Kid’ (Video)

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Drew Barrymore welcomed TikTok sensation Tariq — better known as “Corn Kid” — to her show on Tuesday, and together, they tried just about every corn-flavored thing they could find. And in the process, Barrymore was able to poke a little fun at her own viral TikTok video.

Odds are, you’ve probably heard the viral “Corn Kid” song from TikTok, in which a little boy’s interview after trying corn on the cob for the first time was songified by The Gregory Brothers. In it, Tariq expresses his love for and amazement over corn, “a big lump with knobs.” So, during Tuesday’s episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show,” Barrymore and Ross Matthews brought Tariq to the table to expand his corn horizons.

Together, they tried Corn Soda — which was unanimously determined to be disgusting — and corn on the cob with Nutella and sprinkles. (Tariq gave an enthusiastic double thumbs up to the latter). Eventually though, Barrymore asked if Tariq had ever seen the Tom Hanks classic “Big,” in which Hanks’ character gnaws on a baby corn. Tariq said no, but was open to trying it! But uh, this was another loser.

“Yeah, it tastes like rainwater but — ” Tariq said.

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Naturally, Barrymore, Matthews and the audience had a huge laugh at Tariq’s assessment. It also provided the host with the perfect opportunity to make a little fun of her own viral TikTok moment.

“Rain water! Where have you been all my life, I love the rain!” Barrymore exclaimed. When Matthews goaded her a bit further, Barrymore cheekily reasserted that “I do like the rain.”

The actress is, of course, referring to a TikTok she posted in which she is indeed outside enjoying a rainstorm. In it, she laughs joyfully, near crying, and encourages everyone to go out in the rain “whenever you can!” The video itself blew up on TikTok, with fans getting a kick out of how happy Barrymore was over a pretty natural occurrence.

You can watch Barrymore’s full exchange with “Corn Kid” in the video above. Fans can tune into the full episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show” on Tuesday, September 13.