Drew Baldridge's Song 'She's Somebody's Daughter' Is Experiencing a Resurgence — 5 Years Later (Exclusive)

With the rise of 'The Daughter Trend' on TikTok, the country singer's 2019 release is getting a second life

Drew Baldridge always knew “She’s Somebody’s Daughter” was a keeper.

Originally released in 2019, the lyrical treasure written by Baldridge, Jimmy Yeary and Cameron Jaymes told a story seldom told - the story of the girl "that’s more than just a pretty face in a late-night bar," the lyrics went. From all indications, it looked as if "She's Somebody’s Daughter" was destined to be a country music hit.

But it wasn’t.

The pandemic hit in 2020 and Baldridge found himself without a label, and therefore, no home for the song with all the potential. In another space and time, that could have been the end of the story of "She's Somebody’s Daughter." And Baldridge would have just shrugged his shoulders.

"I just try to make music for people's souls," Baldridge, 32, remembers in a recent interview with PEOPLE. "I try to create music that I hope that God wants me to create that will have an impact. I used to pray that God would let me make music that means something and that somebody needs."

<p>Catherine Powell</p> Drew Baldridge

Catherine Powell

Drew Baldridge

Certainly, the world ended up needing “She’s Somebody’s Daughter.”

In 2021, the tear-jerker went viral and in 2022, Baldridge released a new music video "She's Somebody's Daughter (The Wedding Version)” containing footage of his 2021 wedding to wife Katherine.

"It's really taken our career and lifted it to a whole other stratosphere," Baldridge told PEOPLE of the resilient song in 2021. "You know, I don't have a record label right now. I don't have a big team per se. Everything that has been happening as of late has all been organic. It's happened because people have been loving this song and that's really so cool."

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In 2024, Baldridge finds that the song he would never give up on is now Top 40 on the Country Aircheck/Mediabase charts. Since being re-released in April of 2023, “She’s Somebody’s Daughter” now has over 500M social media impressions and streams.

Not bad for a completely independent artist.

“I haven't had a record deal or any representation since 2019,” says Baldridge, who recently started his own record label, Lyric Ridge Records. “I've been alone just kind of doing it myself and, you know, throwing up some big prayers myself.”

<p>Lyric Ridge Records</p> Drew Baldridge

Lyric Ridge Records

Drew Baldridge

Baldridge’s previous single “Big Prayers” was another one that found its worthy home and listeners, having materialized from his own life.

“I was scrolling through Facebook and had seen that my old drummer's wife had beat cancer,” Baldridge remembers of the beginnings of the song he ended up writing with Sam Bergeron and Tim Nichols. “They were going back in to do a screening to see if there was any more cancer anywhere else in her body and the post said, 'We need big prayers.' It just hit me right there."

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Now, the father of 15-month-old son Lyric Lee, Baldridge says he finds himself at a place in his life where he truly believes that everything happens for a reason.

"I try to make the kind of music that one day, my son will be proud to say, 'That's my dad,'" says the Illinois native, who has lived in Nashville since he was 19 years old. "Every time I put a song out, I love to sit back and see who it impacts and who it touches. Miracles still happen."

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