'Dress like a cabbage': surviving the cold in Siberia

STORY: How do you survive the world's coldest city?

Answer: Dress like a cabbage

Location: Yakutsk, Russia

The Siberian city of Yakutsk is known as the coldest on earth

Temperatures here have plunged to -58 Fahrenheit during an abnormally long cold snap

[Anastasia Gruzdeva, Yakutsk resident]

“You can’t fight with frost. You either adjust and dress accordingly or you suffer and drive a car. It’s quite simple actually. I have two mittens, two scarves. Warm shoes is a must. And you need to cover your head. This is all very important. Also warm trousers, because the biggest heat loss is in the leg area. If your legs are cold, you are cold. So dress warmly.”

[Nurgusun Starostina, Fish seller]

"Just dress warmly, in layers. Like a cabbage.”