The dream is over: Apple will not release a 27-inch iMac with M-series silicon

 A 2020 iMac 27-inch against a pink abstract background.
A 2020 iMac 27-inch against a pink abstract background.

There have been rumors of a 27-inch iMac coming out since at least 2021 (and reportedly slated for a 2022 release), but Apple has confirmed to TechRadar that it's not planning to create a new 27-inch model, putting a (seemingly) permanent kibosh on those hopes and dreams.

Instead, Apple will point those Mac customers who have been waiting for an upgraded 27-inch version to buy a Studio Display and either a Mac Studio or Mac Mini, as it would allow buyers to get a 27-inch 5K display paired with a powerful pro-level computer.

At one point, the 27-inch iMac was considered Apple’s flagship desktop and one of the best Macs on the market thanks to its large screen, as well as its popularity not only with the average user but with media companies who used them for extensive editing. Unfortunately, Apple pivoted to its other product offerings and upgraded them with its silicon, resulting in iMac users going to greener pastures like the Mac Studio, MacBook Pro, or other PCs that would better fit their needs.

The 27-inch iMac was a dream come true

It’s a shame that Apple will no longer support the 27-inch iMac, as it truly was an excellent machine. While the M3 chip that the current 24-inch iMac has is objectively superior to the Intel chip in measured performance, the old Intel model offered more flexibility for different needs.

For instance, you could equip an Intel iMac with high-end chips and discrete GPUs in order to make a compact, classy creative powerhouse. Not to mention the far more robust port selection that included a wide variety of ports and an SD card reader slot. Many had hoped that a 27-inch iMac would include 'Pro' and 'Max' versions of Apple's chips as well as extra ports to create a modern version of this, but clearly, it's not on the cards.

Apple boasts about the new iMac model having a large screen that allows users to spread out their favorite apps, as well as the 4.5K Retina display that’s a middle ground between the 4K and 5K Idisplays on the old Intel-based Macs. But fans of the 27-inch iMac didn’t invest in it just for those reasons, instead taking full advantage of the customization options that it offered.

And while the Mac Studio and Mac Mini are very impressive machines with their more high-powered chip options, they're not the neat, beautiful all-in-one machines that attracted people to the 27-inch iMac. Pour one out for a real one, folks; the 27-inch dream is done.

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