'Is This a Dream?' Dallas Dentist Gifts Domestic Abuse Survivor With New Smile

After hearing a patient’s story about surviving domestic abuse, a dentist based in Garland, Texas – northeast of Dallas – gifted her with a new smile by straightening her teeth free of charge.

Abby had gone to see Dr Kenneth Wilstead about a pain in her back tooth, but after hearing her describe how her abusive ex used to make fun of her teeth for being crooked, Wilstead decided to straighten her teeth for free.

Immediately after the procedure, Abby looked in the mirror and asked “Is this a dream?” as she took her first glance at her new teeth.

In a video recorded three weeks after the procedure and uploaded April 27, Abby describes how her partner would beat her and threaten to kill her. She describes how she eventually escaped her abuser along with her daughter.

She also says that her new smile has made her confidence grow, saying, “I’d always dreamt of a pretty smile.” Credit: Instagram/@DRKENNYSMILES via Storyful