All About Drake Maye's 3 Brothers, Luke, Cole and Beau Maye

Drake Maye, who just got drafted by the New England Patriots, has three older siblings who are all athletes in their own right

<p>Aaron J. Thornton/Getty</p> Drake Maye (second from left) with his brothers Luke, Beau and Cole

Aaron J. Thornton/Getty

Drake Maye (second from left) with his brothers Luke, Beau and Cole

Drake Maye comes from an athletic family.

Born on Aug. 30, 2002 to parents Mark and Aimee Maye, the UNC football quarterback who just got drafted to the New England Patriots is the youngest of four siblings, Luke, Cole and Beau.

While Maye is already making a name for himself in the NFL, his siblings have forged their own athletic careers. In fact, the family’s Tar Heel legacy runs deep.

After their father played for the school’s football team from 1983 to 1988, several of Maye's siblings went on to play sports at the university, whose prestigious alumni include Michael Jordan, Rick Fox and Julius Peppers, among many others.

When they’re not showing their love for Carolina on social media, they’re showing their support for each other. The brothers share a close-knit bond, with Maye describing his older siblings as his “best friends.”

Here’s everything to know about Drake Maye’s siblings.

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They grew up in North Carolina

<p>Drake Maye/Instagram</p> Drake Maye with his parents and brother Luke

Drake Maye/Instagram

Drake Maye with his parents and brother Luke

Maye and his brothers all grew up in Cornelius, N.C. where they each attended William A. Hough High School. However, Maye eventually transferred after his freshman year to Myers Park High School in Charlotte, where he played football and basketball.

Maye was an all-star player at the school, receiving All-Conference and All-District honors in basketball his junior year and being named The Charlotte Observer's 2019 male athlete of the year.

Drake is the youngest of his siblings

Maye is the youngest of four born in August 2002. Luke is the oldest, born on March 7, 1997, followed by his brothers Cole, born on June 6, 1998, and Beau, born on June 11, 2001.

Speaking with ESPN, the brothers’ mother Aimee noted that being the oldest, Luke “set the standard” for his siblings. Aimee added that Maye constantly tried to prove himself as an athlete as he grew up in his brothers’ shadows.

“His heart just beat faster than the rest of them because he knew he was really in the game of his life here,” she said, noting his thought process was, “‘I’ve got to fight for my right to play in the pickup game in the driveway or to play football in the backyard.’”

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His brother Luke played basketball for UNC

<p>Peyton Williams/UNC/Getty </p> Drake Maye with his parents at the Dean Smith Center

Peyton Williams/UNC/Getty

Drake Maye with his parents at the Dean Smith Center

Luke has quite a UNC legacy of his own. He played basketball for the North Carolina Tar Heels from 2015 to 2019 and was part of the team’s 2017 national championship win. In fact, he made headlines during the Elite 8 game as made the game-winning jump shot with 0.3 seconds left, eventually paving the way for their overall victory.

Speaking with ESPN, Maye said that he somewhat lived in his brother’s shadow during his time at Carolina, recalling how people would come up to him and Luke when they were out on campus together — but only ask Luke for a photo.

His brother Cole played baseball for Florida

Maye’s second oldest brother Cole took a different path when it came to his collegiate sports career, attending the University of Florida (though he still cheers on UNC when his brothers are involved!).

After graduating early from high school in December 2016, he enrolled early at Florida before making his debut on the Florida Gators baseball team in March 2017, per his bio on the school’s website. During his time with the team, he won an NCAA baseball title, per Maye’s bio on the UNC website.

His brother Beau played basketball for UNC

<p>Drake Maye/Instagram</p> Drake Maye with his brothers

Drake Maye/Instagram

Drake Maye with his brothers

Beau followed in Luke’s footsteps at Carolina, joining the UNC basketball team. He joined the team as a walk-on, grabbing two rebounds for the team during the 2022-23 basketball season, per Tar Heel Times, but didn’t return for the 2023-24 season.

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They’re super competitive with each other

Growing up in a family of athletes, it’s no surprise that Maye and his brothers were super competitive growing up (and still are). During a feature with ESPN, the publication noted that “everything is a competition” for the brothers, from playing golf to playing pickleball.

“[Having] three older brothers, everything we’re doing, we’re trying to win,” Maye explained. “I think it’s kinda part of who we are and we embrace it and we love it.” Meanwhile, Mark noted that his son Maye was the one who would always dish out “smack talk,” with Aimee adding that she thought their competitiveness was a “good thing.”

They supported him at the NFL Draft

<p>Aaron J. Thornton/Getty</p> Drake Maye (second to left) with his brothers at the NFL Draft

Aaron J. Thornton/Getty

Drake Maye (second to left) with his brothers at the NFL Draft

As the New England Patriots selected Maye with the third pick in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, the quarterback had the support of his older brothers. In addition to having his parents and girlfriend Ann Michael Hudson by his side, he also posed for photos with Luke, Cole and Beau.

He considers his brothers his “best friends”

Whether it’s watching his games at Carolina or celebrating as he gets picked for the Patriots, Maye’s brothers certainly have his back. And the love goes both ways! After getting drafted, Maye noted that the night was extra special as he had the support of his brothers, who he called his “best friends.”

“My oldest brother, Luke, he plays basketball overseas in Japan. He flew back yesterday and made it in for the trip,” he said, per CBS. “My two parents and my longtime girlfriend and 10 of my friends and family came up as a surprise yesterday. I know they're excited. We got a whole bunch of Patriots fans now so I'm excited to see that."

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