Dragons' Den viewers confused as couple pitch dog smoothies

Fans were left asking what was wrong with a bowl of water

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Touker Suleyman on Dragons' Den. (BBC)

What did you miss?

Dragons’ Den viewers were left scratching their heads after a couple pitched smoothies for dogs, with many asking what was wrong with water.

Husband and wife Ian and Louise Toal went on the BBC show with their dogs on Thursday (28 March). They told the Dragons they were after a £50,000 investment in return for a 10% stake in Furr Boost.

The company makes a product described as a “functional smoothie hydration drink” for people’s pooches, which is a blend of meat, fruit, vegetables, oils and minerals.

What, how, and why?

Louise told Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden and co that the beverage – which comes in flavours like beef, broccoli and blueberry and pork, sweet potato and apple - would do more than just quench thirst, aiding things like the skin, coat, digestion, anxiety and the metabolism.

The couple pitched dog smoothies on Dragons' Den. (BBC screengrab)
The couple pitched dog smoothies on Dragons' Den. (BBC screengrab)

However, many viewers were baffled by the whole thing, posting messages on social media asking when a simple bowl of water had gone out of style for dogs.

“A smoothie hydration drink for dogs?” asked one confused viewer on X, as another pointed out: “So it hydrates - like water yeah.”

Someone else added: “Smoothies for dogs? We'll be giving them flat whites next.”

“This is more for the owners rather than a dog that’s happy with muddy puddle water,” said someone else, as another joked that it seemed like “snake oil for dogs”. Another viewer agreed: “Dogs are happy just drinking water, I wouldn't waste my money on this nonsense.”

The pair took their dogs along. (BBC screengrab)
The pair took their dogs along. (BBC screengrab)

Another fan quipped: “Smoothies for dogs. ‘I’ll tell you where I am, I like the product but I’m struggling to see how dogs would operate the straw’.”

Another viewer commented: “Go on. Tell us how much you think you're going to sell your dog water for.”

Did the Dragons invest in the dog smoothies?

After the Toals confirmed that the drinks were priced at £4, Dragon Touker Suleyman suggested they were a little dear. And plenty of viewers echoed his sentiments.

“£4 for a dog smoothie?” asked one. “Just checking, does tap water cost more or less than £4?” teased another. “£4 - I wouldn’t spend that on myself for a drink,” said someone else.

Touker Suleyman invested in the business. (BBC screengrab)
Touker Suleyman invested in the business. (BBC screengrab)

However, the Dragons could also see there was a market for the drinks and the Toals did manage to secure an offer.

In the end it was Suleyman that stepped up, with the businessman asking for a 30% stake in return for his money.

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