Dragon Age: The Veilguard Teaser Introduces Its New Heroes And Reintroduces Old Ones

Image: BioWare
Image: BioWare

Dragon Age: The Veilguard (formerly Dragon Age: Dreadwolf) is getting its first official gameplay reveal on Tuesday, June 11. BioWare gave us a brief teaser for the long-awaited RPG at the Xbox showcase. The name change feels like a pivotal moment for the game, as the studio is no longer leaning on Solas, the aforementioned Dread Wolf, and is instead focusing on the party members you’ll recruit along the way.

The trailer shows returning characters Varric and Scout Harding talking about how they need help with their next mission, before introducing several new party members. It looks like Harding will be upgraded to a party member after having been a beloved supporting character in Inquisition, but there are a bunch of newcomers among the Veilguard, as well. This includes Mage detective Neve, a “mage killer” named Lucanis, an Eluvian-using “veil jumper” named Bellara, a necromancer named Emmrich, and a Grey Warden Davrin. The game will come to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S in the fall.

Check out the trailer below:

On Tuesday, BioWare will release around 15 minutes of footage on Tuesday that will focus on The Veilguard’s opening segment. Hopefully, we’ll get a sense of these companions in those 15 minutes because I’m ready for BioWare fans to go sicko mode and making good fan art and picking out their romance options. Every time this studio puts out a game I am looking for my next husband, and The Veilguard will be less restrictive with its romance options than Dragon Age: Inquisition was in 2014.

Fans have been waiting a decade for a new Dragon Age game. The Veilguard has been in development hell for the past ten years, having gone through multiple iterations, including one that was multiplayer-centric that BioWare pivoted away from in 2021. Even if the name has changed, the story will feature Solas, a party member from Inquisition who turned out to be an elven trickster god called the Dread Wolf, who wanted to tear down a barrier called The Veil between the real world and a metaphysical one called The Fade. Based on the name, it seems like the Veilguard will be a group dedicated to preserving the divide between these two worlds.

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