“Drag Race All Stars 9” queen Jorgeous explains tweeting RuPaul a nearly-nude selfie

“Drag Race All Stars 9” queen Jorgeous explains tweeting RuPaul a nearly-nude selfie

Jorgeous also praises the host for recreating her divisive Glamazon Prime look.

Xunami Muse might've launched an investigation into where Plasma was on Jan. 6 in the latest RuPaul's Drag Race reading challenge, but a more important question remains: Where was All Stars 9 queen Jorgeous on Jan. 24?

That was the day the season 14 alum stunned fans by hilariously tweeting a nude selfie (just barely censored by a strategically placed countertop) at RuPaul, with a series of heart emojis alongside it. Was she attempting to storm the Drag Capitol with an insurrection on Mama Ru's emotions? As she heads back to the Werk Room for AS9, Jorgeous bares all to Entertainment Weekly about the comical online moment, seeing Ru in one of her looks, and being a "different bitch" from the last time you saw her on the show.

"You know RuPaul, she loves a good sickening tweet," Jorgeous, who calls herself "a monster" on social media, says when asked about the NSFW post. "I was like, baby, let me tag RuPaul so she could give me the crown. I could win the crown one way or the other."

Alas, we still don't know if the Emmy-winning host ever saw the pic. "I'm still waiting for a DM, sadly," Jorgeous says. "Hi, mom! Legend!"

<p>World of Wonder</p> Jorgeous' 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 9' promo look

World of Wonder

Jorgeous' 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 9' promo look

While she feels comfortable enough with her digital profile to joke with RuPaul, admittedly, Jorgeous' relationship with "fans" online hasn't been the easiest to maintain — particularly after she received intense blowback after winning the season 14 Glamazon Prime design challenge with a cute (yet super, super short) dress.

"Nobody will let me live that down. It’s one of the, What the hell? What the f---? moments of the season. Girl, RuPaul was hating the looks that he saw that challenge, so he was like, oh, this sickening bitch has a little attitude, has a little strut in her walk, she won," the lip-sync assassin of season 14 reflects. "I won that challenge, and it says on Wikipedia that I won."

The 24-year-old Texas native says she received the ultimate form of validation when RuPaul later wore a similar look to judge an episode of season 16.

“I retweeted it and everything, because Mama recognizes real. She knows what looks good, and that was one of my proudest moments, seeing her wear a look like that, similar to mine," Jorgeous says.

She's also looking to make her real fans proud across her All Stars 9 run.

“Basically, I’m a comedy queen now. I’m a scenario queen now. I come up with all these scenarios in my head," she teases.

"What’s different between season 14 and All Stars, mama, let’s just say it’s two different bitches. Season 14, I was really meek and shy, All Stars 9.... my confidence is through the roof now," explains Jorgeous. "The runway package is here. On season 14 I was wearing a bra and panty. Even though I look sickening in them, this time I’m coming up with more conceptual looks and having more fun with the looks instead of just being a bra, panty, and corset girl. Be ready for that."

As ready as RuPaul is to receive another risqué photo? Who's to say.

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 9 premieres May 17 on Paramount+. Watch Jorgeous' full interview with EW above, and check out all of our AS9 cast interviews here.

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