Dr Phil Will Not Call Trump and Tell Him to Concede (Video)

Tony Maglio
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Dr. Phil McGraw will not call President Donald Trump and tell him to concede the 2020 election, no matter how many times Jimmy Kimmel asks. (Or what the electoral college votes have said and continued to say.)

And believe us, Kimmel asked quite a bit on Wednesday night.

Below is how their “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” exchange went.

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Kimmel: “I know this has been a tough week for you. (Laughing) You’re a big Kanye guy, there was talk you may join his administration.”

McGraw: “Well, he was the first to concede.”

Kimmel: “He was. He’s the only one to concede. Do you think, if you picked up the phone, you could call President Trump and he would take the phone call?”

McGraw: “Yeah.”

Kimmel: “He would?”

McGraw: “I think so.”

Kimmel: “Will you call President Trump?”

McGraw: “No.”

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Dr. Phil then explained why he won’t, and why Trump likely wouldn’t be receptive to a conversation about concession.

“I think he’s a little upset,” the expert told Kimmel. “We don’t respond to what happens in the world, we respond to our perception of what happens in the world.”

McGraw then explained how “math is math,” and told the ABC late-night host that he also would not be interested in playing the role of Joe Biden’s surgeon general.

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Hey, at least the TV doctor doesn’t play favorites.

Watch the video above. Phil sticks around for a second segment, but that doesn’t change the outcome of his host’s plea.

“Please call Donald Trump,” Kimmel concluded the visit.

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