Dr. Fauci Pandemic Documentary on the Way From PBS American Masters

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PBS has announced a new documentary following Dr. Anthony Fauci through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Paula Kerger, president and chief executive officer of PBS, revealed on Wednesday morning at the virtual Television Critics Association Summer Tour.

Here is a logline: “‘American Masters: Tony – A Year in the Life of Dr. Anthony Fauci’ chronicles Fauci at
home, in his office and in the corridors of power as he battles the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic
and the political onslaught that upends his life and calls into question his 50-year career as the
United States of America’s leading advocate for public health. From heated discussions about
the vaccine with Black residents in downtown Washington, DC, to his explanation for how the
NIH-funded lab in Wuhan, China, could not have created a virus that made COVID-19, Dr.
Fauci is candid, truthful and passionate. Nothing Fauci had previously faced, including the impassioned activists who challenged him during the HIV/AIDS epidemic, prepared him for the
vitriol, political backlash, and the threats against his safety and that of his family.

‘American Masters: Tony – A Year in the Life of Dr. Anthony Fauci’ will examine the life of the man
behind the podium—a scientist, husband, father and public servant who admits on camera how
he would have done things differently in hindsight,” per PBS.

The doc began covering Fauci on Inauguration Day 2021.

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The documentary will have a theatrical release. After its theatrical debut, “American Masters: Tony – A
Year in the Life of Dr. Anthony Fauci” will make its broadcast debut nationwide Spring 2023 on PBS, pbs.org/americanmasters and the PBS Video App.

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