“The Cabinet also has implemented several strategies to bar the entry of tourists and bring home Malaysians from Wuhan, apart from mobilising the country’s health institutions to do its best to curb the spread of the infection,” she said.

At the same time, Dr Wan Azizah who is Insaf patron said the government would welcome any initiative from voluntary bodies to proactively relay information to the community in addressing the virus infection. 

She said the humanitarian aid ecosystem in Malaysia should involve various stakeholders such as statutory bodies, corporates, political organisations and mass media, to further ensure the effectiveness of the assistance given.

“We may not be able to cope with various disasters and problems entirely by relying on aid and actions of just certain bodies.

“Instead, we should leverage on all strength and expertise of all parties to ensure the assistance could be delivered to victims quickly and safely,” she said.

Insaf is a non-governmental organisation that carries out humanitarian aid activities for the less fortunate due to disaster and poverty, inside and outside of the country.


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