Dozens take part in water jousting competition in Germany

STORY: Young men and women from Starnberg village and the surrounding area competed for the "Fisher King" title during the traditional "Fischerstechen" (Fishermen's Jousting), a competition that goes back over 500 years.

Sitting on wooden planks on separate boats and dressed in colourful costumes, opponents had to push each other into the water using long lances after the starting signal.

The winner is the last participant who manages to stay on the plank.

Felix Friedrich, one of the participants, who fell in the water during the first round, said it was a "great honor" to take part in the event.

The winner of the "Fischerstechen" competition received a trophy donated by the Bavarian Wittelsbacher dynasty.

"When I was taking part, I once received a large silver plate with a royal stamp, which I proudly left in the box, because it is beautiful," said former participant and jury member Georg Wenzel.

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