Dozens of Migrants Rescued From Overloaded Boats in Mediterranean

Dozens of people were rescued from small craft in the Mediterranean Sea on October 18 by the migrant-rescue organization Sea-Watch.

According to Sea-Watch, spotters from their aircraft Seabird and vessel Sea-Watch 3 located 73 people in distress in a wooden boat and a further 219 people, including children, in three dinghies off the coast of Libya over the course of the day on Monday.

Monday’s efforts brought the total number of people rescued at sea to 412 since the Sea-Watch 3 departed on its mission on October 10, the organization said.

“Each of our missions highlights the catastrophic rescue gap that European states have created at the world‘s deadliest border. Within a few hours, we were able to rescue hundreds of people, but for many, any help comes too late. Those who place the protection of borders higher than the protection of human life share the responsibility for every death in the Mediterranean,” said Philipp Hahn, head of mission on board the Sea-Watch 3, in a press release.

Aerial video filmed by Sea-Watch’s Jens Scheibe from the Seabird aircraft shows the Sea-Watch 3 crew deploying small craft and flotation devices to help rescue people from the ocean on Monday, October 18. Credit: Jens Scheibe/Sea-Watch via Storyful

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