Dozens killed in Tigray air strike: medical official

At a hospital in Tigray's capital Mekelle, a two-year-old girl is being treated for her injuries.

She and her father were injured, her mother says, in an airstrike on their town in the northern Ethiopian region.

She said the bomb hit a market at about 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday (June 22) in Togoga.

A medical official says 43 people died, citing witnesses and first responders.

Ethiopian military spokesman Colonel Getnet Adane did not confirm or deny the incident.

He said air strikes were a common military tactic and the force does not target civilians.

Getnet also denied claims from three other health workers that the Ethiopian military was blocking ambulances from reaching the scene.

Residents in Tigray say new fighting has flared between the military and Tigray People's Liberation Front.

On Tuesday a senior official in Tigray's interim administration, which was appointed by the federal government, said forces loyal to the TPLF has entered several towns - though this was dismissed as "fabrications" by Getnet.

The escalation of violence comes as Ethiopians have been voting in what Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has billed as the country's first attempt at free and fair elections.

But the violence has underscored a messy reality in the country.

Authorities could not hold polls on Monday (June 21) in four of Ethiopia's 10 regions, according to the election board - due to the war in Tigray, violence and logistical problems.

One of those regions, Sidama, voted late on Tuesday.

There were no reports of major violence in parts of the country that did vote.

The opposition has also alleged some irregularities though on Wednesday (June 23) the African Union's election observer mission said the election and its processes had been, overall, conducted in an "orderly peaceful and credible manner."

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