Dozens injured as Japan suffers strong quake

The magnitude 7.3 tremor struck shortly before midnight Saturday, in Japan's Fukushima region,

which was also hit nearly 10 years ago, setting off a deadly tsunami.

Saturday's quake cracked walls, shattered windows and set off a landslide close to the epicenter.

National television said 104 people were injured, but there were no reports of any deaths.

Hundreds of thousands of buildings reported temporary power losses.

Most supplies have since been restored, but many homes remain without water.

Trains were halted over huge areas of northeastern Japan on Sunday (February 14).

Buildings also shook in the Japanese capital of Tokyo, hundreds of miles away.

No irregularities were reported at any nuclear facilities, and the earthquake appears to have not caused a repeat of the 2011 tsunami, which devastated the Pacific coastline and killed nearly 20,000 people.

But the Japan Meteorological Agency still issued a warning of aftershocks in the coming days.