Dozens Dress as Marilyn Monroe for World Record Attempt in Sydney

Several dozen people dressed as Marilyn Monroe and gathered in Sydney, New South Wales, on Friday, August 26, for a Guinness World Records title for the largest gathering of people dressed as the star.

Madame Tussauds Sydney hosted the attempt made by 52 people, with the participants gathering around the wax figure of Monroe wearing the famous white dress from the Hollywood film “Seven Year Itch.”.

Mikayla McGlone, operations manager for Madame Tussauds Sydney, said, “We’re delighted to see how much fun everyone had today, perfecting their looks, their poses and really getting into the Marilyn spirit."

She said they didn’t break the record this year, but added, "but we had an amazing morning celebrating diversity and a true and timeless international super-star. And you never know for next year.”

The largest gathering of people dressed as Monroe is 254 and was achieved by the Marilyn Jetty Swim Team in Brighton in Victoria, Australia, on February 2020, according to the Guinness World Records website. Credit: Merlin Entertainments via Storyful

Video transcript

- We're all stars, and we deserve to twinkle.


- And go.



- And one more.


- Yes.

- And then so we can see all your faces.

- Blow a kiss.

- Great.

- --thing.


- That's it. One more.


- And cut.



- Are we good?


- It's--


- I feel like we've been on a night out. It'll be like this is how we are [INAUDIBLE].

- It's all right.


- This is the reason I have the private coffee cup.

- Oh, Ron, how are you?

- That all right?

- Go.



- Come on. Join--

- Find the boy. Yes.


- Exquisite creature.

- That's what I was talking about.

- Yeah, I was thinking that.

- Right, I mean--

- Blow a kiss.

- Blow a kiss.


Come on, be a Marilyn.


- That's an--

- (SINGING) My hero.


- Oh, Kelly, you know you'd been doing [INAUDIBLE].


- Like that. [INAUDIBLE]

- Everyone start lining up.

- I know.

- [INAUDIBLE] like off back of Max.

- [LAUGHS] I'm only [INAUDIBLE].





- And three, two, one. Good.

- Look social, everyone. Three, two, one.



- Figuring it out.

- Oh, good.

- Yeah, definitely. [INAUDIBLE]

- We're absolutely delighted to see how many people are showing up today to come and celebrate the iconic Marilyn Monroe. It's been so fun to see everybody showing up in their looks, perfecting their lips, their moles, and their hair, and just having an absolute ball. So Madame Tussauds Sydney is so incredibly unique and interactive. We are all about celebrating stars and glamour, so Marilyn Monroe is so iconic in our attraction. She's one of our most favorites, so what better way to celebrate her?

PEACHES QUEEN: Hi, it's me, Peaches Queen, and I'm here today. I'm one of many Marilyn Monroes we're here in Madame Tussauds Sydney to try and crack the world record for the most Marilyns under one roof. So unfortunately, we didn't make the record today, but we had so much fun, and hopefully there's a next time.

- It's been an absolute honor to be here at Darling Harbor, invited by Madame Tussauds Sydney. We have had so much fun. We almost beat the most Marilyns record. Didn't quite get there, but next year, we'll be doing it. Today, so many people put in an amazing effort to look exactly like Marilyn. We had five looks, and all five looks were nailed. I'm so impressed with the caliber of everyone's effort today.

The most exciting thing for me about Marilyn Monroe is that she supported diversity. And today, we saw that diversity in play. We had Marilyn's of all different races sizes and genders, and that makes my heart happy.

- There were so many fabulous costumes from different eras of Marilyn and different looks and all different genders, male, female. It was so much fun to especially see the men in the wigs with the red lipstick. Some of the men looked really good with their red lipstick. It was so much fun.

Yeah, my look is inspired by "The Seven Year Itch," where she wore the iconic white dress with a vent blowing it up-- [LAUGHS] it's a little bit longer here-- and a beautiful fur. Marilyn loved her furs. She was very glamorous. And that's one of the reasons I adore her because her style and her sense of glamour and femininity-- and it's so iconic to so many people.