Downed Trees Block Road After Storms Tear Through Parts of Texas

Residents helped push a stalled car as downed trees blocked a road following a severe storm in northeast Texas on Friday, November 4, footage shows.

Video by Twitter user Nader Navigator shows downed trees and debris strewn across a road as a group of people help push a car blocked in Daingerfield on Friday, where the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning.

The damage was caused as storms, including tornadoes, tore through parts of Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, with reports of at least one person killed in Oklahoma, according to Fox23 citing an emergency official. Credit: @NaderNavigator via Storyful

Video transcript

- Forced off the road.

- I don't blame you.

- Yeah, all of us. Pitch in.

- Well, we're getting this home fixed.

- Wow. Mobile home right here, guys. Look at this tree.

- Wow. Came right through here.

- A good-sized tree there.

- Yeah, man, no kidding. Wow. The house got spared.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, but we were totally doing.

- Potential board of this town.

- Yeah, I would pitch in.

- Yeah. I would. Man.

- They got it. They got it.

- There we go.

- Still running?

- There's a tree in there.

- Hold on, baby. Hold on. Hold on. Hang on.

- You ready to go?

- Yeah, that's right.

- That one I don't know if we can get that one out. That comes--

- Somebody's got to coast her out.

- Justin. Justin, got to go.

-All right.