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I swear by Dove's £4 gradual fake tan to keep my skin bronzed all summer

(Dove / Yahoo Life UK)
My tan has never looked better. (Dove / Yahoo Life UK)

As a woman with olive skin, I can't say I regularly reach for fake tan. But during the summer months, once I've managed to form somewhat of a base tan, there is one product in particular I swear by for 1) maintaining my tan, and 2) giving my skin a glow: Dove's DermaSpa Summer Revived Self Tanning Body Lotion.

Available in two shades, fair to medium and medium to dark, it adds just the right amount of bronze to your skin without it looking unnatural.

Not just that, it doesn't cause any irritation or dryness — which, as someone who has sensitive skin and often gets triggered by different beauty and skincare products, is a huge win.

Keep your skin looking sun-kissed this summer with this super affordable, lightweight and streak-free gradual tan from Dove. 

£4 at Boots

🛍️ Product reviewed: Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Self Tanning Body Lotion
Tested for: Five years
Rating: 4/5
💸 Reasons to buy: Subtle scent, lightweight, non-greasy, maintains tan, gives skin a glow, streak-free
Reasons to avoid: Not instant, not the most obvious results
💰 Best deal we've found: Right now you can shop the tanning lotion for just £4.37 at Boots and £4.25 at Amazon.

Having recently started trending again on the social media platform TikTok, with numerous beauty fans calling it their holy grail for the summer months, you can currently pick it up for half price at Boots and Amazon bagging it for a reduced price.

For under £5, here's why I think it's definitely worth trying, even if you're a fake tan novice.

For some, fake tan can be a real investment, and during the summer months, can rack up quite the bill. So the affordability of Dove's tanning lotion alone is enough of a reason for me to keep repurchasing.

Usually costing between £8 and £9, it's almost always on sale, and right now is just £4.37 at Boots and £4.25 at Amazon. Available in 200ml bottles, a full bottle will often last me the whole of summer.

(Yahoo Life UK)
I buy this on repeat every year. (Yahoo Life UK)

£4.37 £8.75 at Boots £4.25 £8.50 at Amazon

The formula itself is something I'm really fond of. It's lightweight, non-greasy, and sinks into your skin quickly without leaving any sort of sticky sensation. Particularly good for adding a sun-kissed look to your legs over the summer months, the lotion not only helps to add a natural-looking bronze glow but also provides hydration like any other body lotion, leaving your skin feeling super soft and silky.

When it comes to my face and neck, I use the facial equivalent of Dove's tanning lotion that has been specifically designed for use on the face and is currently just £2.09 — bargain!

As you can see from the pictures below, the difference is subtle, but it's certainly there. The left-hand picture is how my skin usually looks, with its typical olive tone. While the right-hand picture is how my skin looks days later, after continued use of the self-tan, a lot more sun-kissed and golden-looking.

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I love the soft glow it gives my skin. (Yahoo Life UK)

Shop the face cream

In terms of usage, I try and avoid being too heavy-handed with the facial cream, largely because this is where my skin is the most oily, and I don't like layering too much product. But as for the rest of my body, I like to lather a good-sized amount on after I shower.

I always bring this stuff with me while holidaying abroad for topping up my tan and giving my skin a glow.

Enjoy the same golden, streak-free self-tan, but especially designed (and dermatologically tested) for the face. 

£2 at Boots

The lotion does have a very light scent to it, but nothing overwhelming. In fact, it smells really nice and clean.

Other shoppers seem to agree with me, too, with lots impressed with the natural tan it gives, how it doesn't go patchy after application, and is super affordable compared to other big-name brands.

If you're a serial fake tanner, then this product might not be for you, solely because it's more of a gradual tan and doesn't give you results overnight, nor are the results very obvious. The main point of this self tan is to look as natural as possible.

Right now you can shop the tanning lotion for just £4.37 at Boots and £4.25 at Amazon. While the face cream is just £2.09 from Boots.

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