Dove Cameron Says She and Thomas Doherty Were Trapped by Police During Peaceful Protest

Tamara Fuentes
Photo credit: Phillip Faraone - Getty Images

From Seventeen

Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty say they were trapped by police when they protested in George Floyd's memory on June 1.

On her Instagram page, Dove posted videos and photos from the Los Angeles protest that she attended with Thomas with a caption about how they ended up being trapped in a parking lot before police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at their group.

"Had the most incredible day peacefully protesting, people overflowing with passion and camaraderie, love and energy, passing out snacks, water, checking in on each other, not even so much as a hint of anything negative," she wrote. "Not pictured: at the very end of the day, the police blocked off both ends of a street we (only about 100 of us) found ourselves on as we were walking home. They drove us into a walled-up parking lot, the only way out being a fence with barbed wire at the top. They had helicopters with spotlights all around, tear gas and rubber bullets on either end of the street. The escalation came nowhere, entirely uncalled for, entirely F*CKED UP. People were running in terror and panic. Especially black protestors. Our only choice was to break a gate down and run though the alleys FROM THE POLICE who began shooting at people a few streets away (not in the parking lot)."

"No one was doing anything even remotely wrong. people were carrying flowers and snacks !! We are thankfully home and safe, but I don’t know about the other protestors. I heard a lot got arrested," she continued. "For doing something entirely legal. The media is painting a very different image of these protests. Peaceful protest is a human right recognized by our legal system. It’s in our first amendment. Something is very wrong here. That being said, i will be back out tomorrow and urge you to do what you can. Link to a lot of useful information on ways you can help in my bio! stay safe ! #justiceforgeorgefloyd #PROTECTBLACKLIVES

Dove also spoke out about her experience on Twitter, replying to fans and others who asked her questions about the protest. When one person questioned why the police needed to use tear gas if the protest she was at was really peaceful, she fired back.

"They didn’t!!! People were walking calmly home on the sidewalk w loving signs n good vibes!!! They blocked off both ends of the street &drove us into a parking lot that had a barbed wire fence at the end! There was nowhere to go & no reason for it. Half of us were holding flowers," she wrote.

She was also asked if she planned to go to more protests in the future.

"Yes. Every day that I can. It’s the least we can do right now, if we are able and not immune-compromised and willing. as well as amplify black voices, help inform with first hand-accounts to spread truth/information, generally give our time and all of our energy and focus."

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