Dota 2 analyst syndereN: 'Pubs right now are the worst they have ever been'

syndereN isn't a fan of how pubs are in Dota 2 right now. (Photo: Dreamhack)
syndereN isn't a fan of how pubs are in Dota 2 right now. (Photo: Dreamhack)

Former Dota 2 pro player turned analyst, Troels Lyngholt "syndereN" Nielsen, said in a Twitch stream recently that the the game's pub matches are currently in a bad place, making a lot of matches simply not fun to play.

In his second game of the stream, syndereN picked Dawnbreaker offlane and utilised the hero to create space around the map with his allies.

SyndereN's Dire squad did a good job of taking fights and kept the net worth even between the two teams despite playing against an enemy Alchemist.

syndereN's big mistake was trying to save an ally

Things started to go south for the Dire side when four of syndereN's team died at the 18-minute mark while only bringing down the enemy Winter Wyvern.

This gave the Radiant squad a 5,000 gold lead. While it was a sizeable advantage for the Radiant side, it wasn't an insurmountable lead and syndereN's team could have mounted a comeback.

That was, until syndereN committed the cardinal sin of... trying to help an ally?

When his ally Ember Spirit got ambushed, syndereN used his ultimate to try and heal him, but ended up killing him instead due to the enemy Winter Wyvern's ultimate.

Ember Spirit did not enjoy that mistake and made sure to inform syndereN of his feelings.

After syndereN's unforgivable mistake, which deserved to be punished, of course, Ember Spirit decided to forsake his team and no longer joined in team fights or defended the base.

This led to syndereN expressing how he feels about the pub scene in Dota 2 right now.

"It's so boring guys, Dota is devolving and it's really frustrating to watch this happen. I'll tell you this much, pubs right now are the worst they have ever been for 15 years and it's not even close. And I can't tell you exactly why but it's the truth."

While it was an unfortunate loss for syndereN, things looked up in the next few games as he went on a five-game win streak.

So in the end it was a successful climb for the day.

That aside, griefing, or the deliberate act of disrupting or ruining a game to annoy or infuriate other players, has long been a problem in Dota 2, as with any other multiplayer game.

In Dota 2, common forms of griefing include intentionally getting killed by the enemy team, revealing crucial information such as ward spots or hero locations to the enemy team, selling or destroying their own items, or going AFK and leaving teammates to play four-versus-five.

But with your average Dota 2 game lasting 30 minutes, with some even going for an hour or longer, the effects a griefer can have on the playing experience for all other players are amplified.

In other words, all the time players spent queuing for a game and playing it is wasted because someone decided to become a griefer.

This is an experience shared across all server regions and skill levels, even high-level players like syndereN or other pros aren't immune to it.

The question remains whether or not Dota 2 developer Valve Software needs to do something to improve the pub scene in the game.

The Overwatch system was an interesting addition and time will tell if Valve is willing to give the community more control over punishing griefers in the game.

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