Do's and don'ts for patients with cardiac problems during winter

New Delhi [India], Jan 2 (ANI): With the cold conditions continue to grip the northern states, people with heart ailments are more prone to complications if precautions are not taken by them, says Dr Manoj Kumar, a heart disease expert.

Talking to ANI, Dr Kumar said: "Definitely the winter and low-temperature are not good for the patients who are having underlying coronary artery diseases. They have a high incidence of an acute coronary syndrome, that means heart attack and unstable angina, which are common in the winter season."

A higher dose of medication during winter is suggested by Dr Kumar for the patients who are hypertensive and who are taking BP-lowering medications.

Patients having arrhythmia problems like rhythm disorder, atrial fibrillation also have a higher incidence of the problems, feels Dr Kumar, who works with a city-based hospital.

The caring measures suggested by the doctor for the patients with slow heart-pumping include avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol, control the intake of fat-rich food items, which is more of a tendency during winter. Keeping a count on your blood pressure is a must. (ANI)