Doorbell camera captures the priceless advice grandma gives to her postpartum daughter

If parenthood has been kicking your butt lately, one TikTok clip going viral will have you all in your feels. Mom of three Monica Murphy shared the sweet, powerful postpartum advice that her mom gave on her way out the door as it was captured by her home security camera, and this little pearl of wisdom will resonate with any parent who’s exhausted trying to do it all.

After a recent visit from her own mom, Murphy shared the security camera footage, which captured her mom on the way out of her house. “They’re never gonna remember if they had a clean house,” she can be seen telling her daughter. “They’re gonna remember how much you love them and hang out with them, okay. Later, love you. Bye.”

In the caption of her post, Murphy added context to the sweet clip. “My mom came by to help out this morning and she could tell I was stressed,” she said. “I’ve been feeling the pressure to get back to doing all the things now that I’m [four weeks] postpartum.”

Among the items on her to-do list, Murphy wrote: “Working, staying present on social media, maintaining a clean home, tandem breastfeeding, being present with my kids, eating a nutritious diet, making time for my husband, keeping in touch with friends, making time for myself, planning activities for kids. How on earth can one person do it all?”

“I didn’t even express that I was feeling the weight of all of this, but my mom just knew,” she continued. “So on her way out she said this. … And I don’t know who needs to hear that today, but let my mom be the one to tell you.”

Fellow moms came to the comments section to share their thoughts. “I absolutely needed to hear this. I’m crying as if she said it to me,” wrote one person. “Gosh I wish my mom told me this. The anxiety I feel when she comes over and I have a messy house,” shared another. “I love your mom, that was the sweetest thing to say,” agreed another.

In the conclusion of her caption, Murphy summed it all up perfectly, writing: “It’s okay if all you did today was keep happy children alive. Snuggled them, played with them… you are doing the most important job of all.”