Door-to-door app helps UAE residents recycle

STORY: This app offers a door-to-door recycling service in the UAE

RECAPP collects litter from individuals, businesses and schools

[Joanne Leslie, Teacher, Regent International School]

"So what happens is that on a daily basis the teachers encourage the children whenever they have a water bottle to come and recycle it here."

RECAPP says it has collected 20 million plastic bottles since 2020

In addition to pick-ups, the startup also weighs the collected waste

allowing its 46,000 users to track their recycling record and be awarded by points

[Jerome Viricel, General manager of RECAPP]

"Here I am logged in with my own credentials, so we can see as a family of four we produced since two years, 56 bags of recyclables, which is a total of 130 kg of plastic bottle and cans // which is for us, I would say a CO2 emission reduction of 290 kg."

"Each and every bottle that we collect from your doorstep, we can first do this transformation, into flex, small pieces of plastic, by doing that then we can as well produce a fibre, which needs to be improved - softer, softer why? because at the end we can use this fibre to fill this cushion and this cushion is even available online, so it means that the more you recycle with Recapp, the more we are able to collect plastic, the more we are able to recycle this plastic locally.’’