Doom Mod Replaces Blasting Demons With Taking Pics Of NFTs

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A Doom II player points a camera at Bored Ape NFTs.
A Doom II player points a camera at Bored Ape NFTs.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself: “I would love to be able to screenshot a bunch of Bored Apes in Doom II,” you can finally do that. Game modder Ultra Boi recently released a mod where you shoot NFTs with a camera rather than a gun.

The mod was originally reported by PCGamesN. NFT Doom allows players to steal NFTs in Doom II by shooting the NFTs with their cameras. The banana-throwing apes even let out a satisfying little screech whenever you shoot them. The game keeps track of the net worth of all the NFTs you’ve screenshotted, as well. Unlike real life, where most NFTs only cost a few hundred dollars on the marketplace, these apes lose $999,999,999 of value every time you shoot one. Despite the economic inaccuracies, it’s very satisfying to watch players steal a ton of cash from people who buy ugly ape avatars.

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If you’ve clicked on any NFT article on this website for the past year, then you’ll know that non-fungible tokens are an enormous scam. Overtly gullible buyers pay tons of real world cash for receipts of an image (often stolen from their original creators) and hope that they can eventually sell high. They are also a huge environmental disaster. While crypto bros claim that the carbon output is mitigated by proof-of-stake, I’m still waiting for the studies from independent organizations. So far, I’ve seen absolutely none.

If the chilly reception to Ubisoft’s NFTs is any indication, the vast majority of gamers aren’t interested in them at all. But players are definitely having fun with stealing ape NFTs. At the time of publication, NFT Doom was ranked 45 out of over 47,000 mods on Mod DB.

The monsters from the original Doom II looked pretty terrifying, but nothing feels as bleak as wandering a labyrinth full of Bored Apes. But as long as you can make a copy of them, they’ll lose all their power. Not in real life, but that’s definitely how it works in NFT Doom.

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