Don't Try This at Home: Kid Smashes Rotten Eggs With Pogo Stick

An eight-year-old in Augusta, Georgia, made clearing out the fridge more than a chore by crushing rotten eggs with his pogo stick.

Jaclyn Vozniak filmed her son Zeke as he hopped up and down on the pogo stick. Zeke is known on Instagram for his impressive trick shots, but clearly he’s ready to branch out.

“Zeke got his pogo stick from the garage and some old smelly eggs from the downstairs garage fridge. Yes, indeed he got very productive in a fun, creative and busy way after his one hour basketball practice with his mom. In other words he can’t hang out, he’s busy having fun with his pogo stick and the smelly eggs!” his mother said. Credit: Jaclyn Vozniak via Storyful

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