Don't Mind Me: Duck Waddles on After Hilarious Fall in Front of Kangaroos

A duck’s crash landing in front a group of kangaroos in a New South Wales suburb has become a Tikok hit with close to 800,000 views of the unfortunate bird’s head over feet fall.

Residents of Lake Macquarie have become accustomed to sharing their locality with kangaroos, with one local documenting the lives of her marsupial neighbors on TikTok.

However, in her latest video, @veronicadownunder shows the duck’s awkward crash landing. Thankfully, the bird seems unaffected, unaware at just how much the internet has embraced the unfortunate moment.

With the post proving immensely popular, TikTok users have since requested that @veronicadownunder add R Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly and classic sound effects to the moment to entertain her followers even more. Credit: @veronicadownunder via Storyful

Video transcript


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