Donnie Wahlberg's Instagram Messages to His Mom are the Sweetest Things You'll Read Today

Rebecca Norris

From Country Living

  • Donnie Wahlberg and his mother, Alma share a sweet mother-son relationship.
  • Donnie has been using social media to keep himself and his fans entertained during quarantine, but most recently, he used his platform to wish his mother happy birthday and Mother's Day.

Donnie Wahlberg is no stranger to social media. So far in quarantine, he’s used Instagram and TikTok as outlets to share hilarious viral videos and inspirational messages of hope and growth. While we’ll laugh as hard as anybody over a Tiger King skit and get nostalgic over young-Donnie life advice, it’s his message to his mother, Alma, on her birthday that left us reaching for the tissues.

On Wednesday, May 6, Donnie shared a carousel of photos to his Instagram feed, starting with a snap of him and his mom hugging, followed by more loving embraces, a few kisses, a couple of videos, and even a Mark Wahlberg cameo.

In his caption, the 50-year-old actor admitted that he posts about his mom so often that he wasn’t sure there’s anything he hasn’t already said. “So, I’ll keep this one (kind of) short and (mostly) simple,” he began, followed by a one-hundred and smiling emoji. “If you think anything positive about me—anything at all that you like or respect about me—it’s because of my mother. If you think I have an open heart, open mind, love of music, love of life, freedom of spirit, respect for human beings, patience, soulfulness, generosity, a love of dance, a love of song, a funny side, a no-quit attitude, empathy, kindness or anything positive at all? It’s 100% because of my mom.”

The NKOTB singer went on to explain that, while he’s not saying any of those things are special in himself, they’re all special in his mother.

“So if anyone, anywhere on this planet, thinks anything positive about me — they should know that I got it from my mom. Because she passed a bit of her light right down to me,” he added.

While he said he could absolutely keep going, he kept it as short as he could knowing that Mother’s Day was coming up and he’ll undoubtedly want to post again then. In the meantime, he thanked his mom, told her he loved her, and wished her happy birthday once more. “I’m blessed to carry the light of your love within me. I wish I could be there with you to celebrate your birthday,” he wrote, signing the post “Your (favorite) son—Baby Donnie.”

Yup, we’re crying.

And of course, he didn't skip out on the Mother's Day sentiments, either:

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