Donna Kelce Is Bringing Back Her Split Jacket for the Rematch Between Sons Jason and Travis Kelce (Exclusive)

Donna will be rocking an outfit in support of both of her sons for the Chiefs vs. Eagles game on Nov. 20

Donna Kelce/Twitter
Donna Kelce/Twitter

Donna Kelce is bringing her iconic Chiefs-Eagles split jacket out of retirement.

In an interview with PEOPLE about her partnership with NFL’s official wine sponsor, Barefoot Wine, Donna revealed that the Pro Football Hall of Fame returned her jacket for the Nov. 20 game between her sons, Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles player Jason Kelce.

“I’m going to be bringing back the jacket,” Donna confirmed before adding, “I think I’m going to have some new shoes possibly.”

The red and black jacket, which is split in half down the center back seam, features the name “Kelce” embroidered across the top. The back of the coat sports both teams’ logos on their respective sides accompanied by Travis and Jason’s names and numbers. The teams’ names are emblazoned on each sleeve.

<p>Christian Petersen/Getty</p> Jason Kelce, Donna Kelce and Travis Kelce

Christian Petersen/Getty

Jason Kelce, Donna Kelce and Travis Kelce

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On game day in February, Donna also wore a split jersey that featured support for Jason on the back and Travis on the front, as well as shoes for each team.

She told PEOPLE that the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which currently houses her wardrobe from Super Bowl LVII, “sent me my jacket back so I could wear it this one last time when they’re playing each other.”

Donna Kelce/Twitter
Donna Kelce/Twitter

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The football mom quickly corrected herself, saying she hopes her sons will get to play each other later in the season, too: “Let's hope it's not. Let's hope it goes on to the Super Bowl.”

Donna first appeared in the unique jacket for the Super Bowl this year when sons Travis and Jason faced off against one another.

On game day, the mom of two shared a selfie on X (formerly known as Twitter) that showed off her clothing and support for both of her sons and their teams.

"#gamedayfit," Donna wrote alongside the photo, showing a jacket that splits into Eagles and Chiefs colors on each side and a clear Sheer Gear bag (with Custom Bling bedazzling) featuring each of her sons' jersey numbers.

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In April, Donna’s wardrobe was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

"When @tkelce & @JasonKelce became the first brothers to play against each other in a Super Bowl, their mother, @dkelce1, earned national headlines," the Pro Football Hall of Fame wrote on X.

"The split @Chiefs/@Eagles jersey & shoes she famously wore are now on display at the Hall of Fame," the tweet read. "Talk about a Hall of Fame mom!"

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