How to donate to Ukraine as 18 million estimated to be affected by war

It has been one year since Russia declared a full-blown war on Ukraine.

Ever since the conflict, many people from around the world have donated millions of pounds to help families, individuals, and organisations impacted by the conflict.

One year later, Ukraine continues to recover from the damages caused by the war so far.

In order to offer financial support, however big or small, here are some of the ways one can donate to appeals benefiting Ukraine right now…

Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) is working on the ground in Ukraine to help the estimated 18 million people affected by the conflict.

The charity’s Ukraine Appeal provides much-needed supplies, including food, water and healthcare to refugees and displaced families.

To donate with DEC, click here.


According to UNICEF, over seven million children in Ukraine need support.

According to their recent survey, the percentage of children living in poverty has almost doubled from 43 per cent to 82 per cent. The situation is especially acute for the 5.9m people who are currently displaced within Ukraine.

UNICEF is working closely with their UN partners in Poland, Moldova, Belarus, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic, to help provide humanitarian support for children and families fleeing the war.

“Children in Ukraine have experienced a year of horror. Children have been killed and injured, and many have lost parents and siblings, their homes, schools and playgrounds. No child should ever have to bear that kind of suffering,” UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell says.

To donate with UNICEF, click here.


UNFPA is on a mission to provide “emergency birth kits” to women who are forced to deliver their babies under challenging conditions.

These kits contain the supplies needed to prevent infection during childbirth, one of the leading causes of maternal mortality globally.

To donate with them, click here.


UNHCR has been on the ground since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war, providing emergency shelter, relief items, and legal and psychological support to those forced to flee.

Continued attacks in the country mean that people are losing their homes and even their loved ones every day. The organisation continues its work in Ukraine and neighbouring countries to help those in need.

To donate with them, click here.

Action Aid

Action Aid supports refugees and displaced people in the immediate aftermath of a humanitarian crisis and also over an extended period of time to help them rebuild their lives.

They provide food, safe drinking water, shelter, and hygiene kits containing clean underwear, soap, sanitary protection and other essentials to people suffering from the consequences of the war.

They also set up displacement and refugee camps as safe spaces for women where they can breastfeed in private, seek counselling and access emotional support.

To donate with them, click here.