Donald Glover Addresses Rumor His Schedule Is Holding Up ‘Community’ Movie: “Everyone Is Hating On Me On The Internet!”

Donald Glover Addresses Rumor His Schedule Is Holding Up ‘Community’ Movie: “Everyone Is Hating On Me On The Internet!”

Donald Glover has been booked and busy, but those rumors about his schedule holding up production on Peacock’s Community: The Movie aren’t accurate, according to the multihyphenate.

“It’s happening but I don’t know when. I swear, it’s happening,” Glover told Deadline earlier this week at the Deadline Studio at Prime Experience in support of his Prime Video series Mr. and Mrs Smith. The video can be watched above.

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When asked if it was his busy schedule holding up production, he said while laughing, “Everybody is hating on me on the internet and it’s not me! They’re like, ‘We know that you’re the reason.’ Maybe I was last year — maybe — but not this time.”

Created by Dan Harmon, Community, a comedy series set at a community college in a fictional Colorodo town, ran for 110 episodes across six seasons between 2009-2015, first on NBC before moving to the now-defunct Yahoo! Screen for its final season. Throughout its run, it won an Emmy, a Critics’ Choice Television Award and other accolades. Peacock officially announced the Community movie in 2022, enlisting Harmon and Andrew Guest to pen the script.

The streamer has mostly remained mum on the project’s status, which was delayed due to scheduling issues with its many stars whose careers have skyrocketed since the show concluded, as well as the dual WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. So without anything official coming down the pipeline, details have been provided drop by drop by the cast.

Joel McHale, who spoke to Deadline in March, revealed that the movie will shoot “this year” and that he’d be “shocked” if it doesn’t. “But I really do think it’s happening this year, and probably next week. It’s basically working around Donald’s schedule,” he joked.

Neither Glover nor McHale admit to having read Harmon’s script for Community: The Movie, but Alison Brie has and she gave it her stamp of approval. “It’s so funny,” she of the script. Previously, Glover said the film centers on “a college reunion.” One-time Greendale Community College film student Abed Nadir, played in the show by Danny Pudi, is now “this big director,” and the Peacock pic we’ll watch is “his magnum opus.”

In a recent conversation with Ken Jeong, who played Ben Chang in the series, he was mostly tight-lipped but offered, “I have signed on for it, absolutely. We are just still looking for the right opening and the right bandwidth to get the band together. I think that’s all I’m legally allowed to say.”

In addition to all of the above, the Community conclusion will also star series originals Gillian Jacobs, Jim Rash and Yvette Nicole Brown.

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