Don’t puck around: Malaysian hockey player trashed for racist comment on Instagram

Recently, Malaysian hockey player Hanis Onn faced backlash from internet users after she made a racist remark during the AR Rahman concert at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium on Saturday (Jan 28).

A screenshot that was uploaded to the Malaysia subreddit, r/Malaysia, displayed a number of comments made on Instagram by users who seemed unbothered by the Oscar-winning composer’s performance.

Then Hanis Onn herself made the decision to participate in the discussion, writing what appeared to be a subtly offensive statement about Malaysian Indians.

“The smell must have been nice in there (the stadium),” she wrote.

Naturally, the racist comment gained attention online and Hanis was blasted for her remark.

After the uproar, Hanis acknowledged her error and apologized for the comment in an Instagram story.

“Throughout my 10 years in playing hockey, I’ve been surrounded with friends from various races that strive for Malaysia.”

“With that, I express deep regret for my carelessness and extend my apologies to those affected,” she wrote.

Hanis has since privatised her Instagram account following the backlash.

It’s 2023, we should know better than to make racist comments towards a group of people. Find something else to joke about, and if you can’t, then maybe you’re just not that funny.


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