Don’t miss one of the best dark thriller shows on Prime Video before it leaves — it’s 96% on Rotten Tomatoes

 Harold Perrineau as Boyd Stevens in FROM tv show on Prime Video.
Harold Perrineau as Boyd Stevens in FROM tv show on Prime Video.

I’m all up for discovering new horror shows to stream online. But when they boast that high Rotten Tomatoes score with a certified fresh rating, I’m even more intrigued to check it out. If you’re like me and need something tense to watch every now and then, consider adding “From” to your list.

“From” brings something completely new to the horror genre, and I can safely say it'll catch anyone off guard, even those who live and breathe horror. I remember hiding behind my hands one minute and then staring at the screen in anticipation the next. With the excellent terror comes heavy drama and deep character development that makes you feel like you’re watching something real.

Although “From” is currently streaming on Prime Video, it won’t be for much longer. In fact, it will be gone by the beginning of May, so now is your chance to stream the first season and immerse yourself in the unusual world. You can also watch season 2 with an MGM Plus subscription. You’ll thank me after.

‘From’ is just the perfect nightmare

Is there any such thing as the perfect nightmare? Absolutely, and “From” seems to nail that perfectly well. Everything from the mysterious town to the creatures that come out at night, this show really transports you into the world, and it doesn’t let go. “From” has had a hold of me ever since it first came out in 2022.

Without giving away any spoilers, “From” is about a small town that traps anyone who passes through, meaning the residents are stuck there for good. While this alone is an unsettling premise, there is also another threat lurking in the town, and that threat involves human-looking creatures stalking the residents at night. However, these bloodthirsty monsters cannot go into people’s homes that have a talisman by the door.

Harold Perrineau plays Boyd Stevens, the local sheriff who protects the people of the town by ringing a bell whenever the sun sets. With everyone in their homes, no one has to face the wrath of the evil creatures, but it doesn’t always turn out that way.

You might notice that “From” has similar vibes to “Lost”, and that’s because they share two of the same executive producers; Jack Bender and Jeff Pinkner. Of course, Perrineau also played Michael in “Lost”, so if you’re a fan of that iconic science-fiction drama then you’re probably going to love this tense horror.

‘From’ reviews – critics praise this unique horror show

I’m not the only one who thought “From” was absolutely brilliant. With a high score of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, you know it must be good. The audience score currently falls around 89%.

Sydney Morning Herald’s Brad Newsome praised this series by saying: “The horror is real — and it gets real gory — but this is no simple splatterfest. Series creator John Griffin has built his world meticulously, and all his characters have their own fraught back stories and their own personal demons” and that’s a statement I very much agree with.

Allison Shoemaker of Fox 10 Phoenix highlighted that “From” has the DNA of “Lost” in the best way possible. "From" should be catnip for fans of character-driven small-town horror — big Stephen King vibes here — but the real key to its success is its clever world-building,” said Shoemaker.

However, not every critic loved the tense horror series. Kristen Lopez of indieWire said: “Depending on your view, it spends too much time setting up its world and not pushing the story forward.”

Stream 'From' before it leaves Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video logo on a phone being held by someone
Amazon Prime Video logo on a phone being held by someone

Now is your chance to stream “From” before it leaves on April 30. It’s one of the best intense horror series that, in my opinion, is quite overlooked due to it not being on some of the bigger streaming services like Netflix.

“From” makes me love the horror genre even more, and Harold Perrineau delivers an excellent performance in playing a traumatized but determined sheriff. Sit down, grab your favorite snacks, and immerse yourself in every episode. Season 1 is currently on Prime Video, with season 2 available on MGM Plus.

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