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The Secret to Better Nails Is One Swipe Away

Cutting cuticles is a no-no that can open the door to infection, according to the experts. But what if your cuticles look dry, flaky, and uneven? We know, it's so tempting to trim them — but the answer might be a good cuticle oil instead.

"Cuticle oil is to be considered the water bottle for nails," says celebrity manicurist Naomi Gonzalez-Longstaff. "It’s meant to keep nails hydrated at the root (matrix), flexible, and strong." She also notes that cuticle oils can help protect your natural nail from brittleness and also shield against over-moisturizing — so basically, cuticle oil is the cure to all of your mani mishaps.

If you're in need of some nail rehabilitation, then massage your nail beds with these nourishing cuticle oils that'll give you a better-looking manicure — no clippers necessary.