Don’t f*ck with cat people: Malaysian man reveals how he feeds kittens to his pet snake

Sometimes you really ought to think before you flex – especially when you’re highlighting the shady stuff you do on the internet.

One man recently revealed how he feeds kittens to his pet snake, Helga. @syazuanism first exposed himself in a thread of another Twitter user who had posted asking if there was a reptile community in Malaysia where owners can meet like-minded people and talk about reptiles.

This imbecile who thought he was contributing to the human race replied to the tweet saying, “[Tips] My friend and I always go for free kitten adoption (or rabbit) for our snakes.”

A good samaritan on Twitter, @vvnloll, who saw the tweet quickly put out a warning to people that this man, apparently in his late 20s was going around lying about adopting kittens only to feed them to his pet snake.

In a tweet on Jan. 9, 2022, the man tweeted that he had found a kitten for his Helga.

“Hi guys, I just want to inform that I have found a kitten for my Helga. My Helga is happy. Thank you very much for the help. Below is a picture of my Helga.”

In another tweet on Jun. 6, 2022, he posted another tweet in which he said, “Hi all, do you know anyone who wants to let go of any kitten or rabbit? My Helga is lonely. I stay in the Ipoh area.”

What’s even worse, there were other users commenting on the tweet, saying how they were also looking for kittens and that they could only come across adult cats but that would be “too big” for their pet snake.

If this isn’t some psychopathic serial killer behavior then we don’t know what is.

Responding to a user who said he should feed his snake swine instead, he responded by saying, “the idea would be illogical as pigs are too big for snakes to eat. The sound when the snake attacks the kitten is something amazing and the sound of its bones cracking is *chef’s kiss*”.

Meanwhile, social media users were furious at this exposé. Let’s just say, many wanted his head and said he should be reported to the authorities. Many also questioned the ethics of this practice considering rats are sold are certain pet shops specifically to feed snakes.

At the end of the day, if you cannot ethically take care of a pet, DO NOT GET ONE!

Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments!


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