‘Don’t call my wife a husband-stealer’: Singer ND Lala makes his plea on Instagram (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Sep 11 — Local singer-actor Datuk ND Lala has taken to social media to share his side of the story after claiming that his ex-wife’s allegations have ruined his reputation.

In one of three videos that was posted on Instagram recently, the 1980s veteran entertainer who is now a business coach and author, said not to call his wife Siti Munirah Abdul Ghani, 34, a penyondol or husband-stealer as he was the one who approached and proposed to her.

The 62-year-old also claims that ex-wife Fauziah Sarman, 55 and son Amir Syafiq, 30, stole Siti Munirah’s Peugeot 207, giving lengthy explanations backed by dates and details in two of the videos.

He added that Fauziah’s allegations of him being cruel, mean and charmed by witchcraft were untrue but had caused considerable damage as public opinion had turned on him.

“I’m not sad or angry about being attacked,” said ND Lala, who is the father of singer Shilah Amzah. He was married to Fauziah for 34 years since 1989 and have four children together.

“I’m sad that people are committing a sin as they spread lies about me and attack me on social media, so please stop it. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, great or not, all of us have to face Allah in the end.”

Despite his plea, public opinion of him seems to have remained unchanged, with many Instagram and TikTok users in disbelief at how he’s treated his family.

“This uncle is playing the victim, he’s the one that hit on her and now he’s twisting the facts,” said one.

“You should just keep quiet, you’re treating your family like strangers now that you’ve re-married,” said a second.

“Why are you dragging my name into this, how can you lie like that and accuse us of stealing?,” said Ezie Idanie, who was mentioned as Amir’s girlfriend and also accused of stealing Siti Munirah’s car.