‘Don’t blame the edit’: Celebrity Big Brother’s Ekin-Su clashes with Layton Williams after eviction

Celebrity Big Brother: Late & Live descended into chaos on Friday evening when Ekin-Su and Layton Williams clashed following her eviction.

The Love Island star, 29, was accused of attempting to “blame the edit” for her portrayal in the show in light of an explosive argument that took place between herself and Broadway star Marisha Wallace during Thursday’s episode.

Ekin-Su was left upset when Marisha picked her during the face-to-face nominations.

Marisha tried to explain her reason for nominating Ekin-Su, stating: “I know if I get to the final, I can’t beat you....I know that if we go head-to-head, you have a huge following, you played these games before you know how to win and if I want to win this, if I ever had the chance, I wouldn’t have the chance against you.”

Ekin-Su replied: “I knew this was going to happen, this judging me because I went on a f***ing show before. You’ve been close with me this whole time so you’ve been fake with me this whole time.”

Marisha later tried to comfort the reality star who was left in tears after the nominations.

On Friday night, Ekin-Su was evicted from the house, along with Levi Roots, and appeared on Late & Live when the topic of the argument was brought up.

Ekin-Su clashes with AJ Odudu and Layton Williams during ‘Celebrity Big Brother Late & Live’ (Celebrity Big Brother/ITV)
Ekin-Su clashes with AJ Odudu and Layton Williams during ‘Celebrity Big Brother Late & Live’ (Celebrity Big Brother/ITV)

Host AJ Odudu reminded Ekin-Su that Marisha may have simply had a “strategy” since they were competing to win the game show.

Ekin-Su exclaimed: “When Marisha nominated me that actually showed me her true colours, that she had been thinking about winning the game the whole time.”

AJ Odudu attempted to reason with the star, saying: “Well what we have got to remember... it’s strategy, game playing.”

Former Strictly Come Dancing runner-up Williams defended Marisha and said: “Marisha had to pick someone just like you picked Louis. Louis squashed it and kind of kept it moving and unfortunately, you dragged it on.

Layton Williams and Ekin-Su on ‘Big Brother Late & Live’ (ITV)
Layton Williams and Ekin-Su on ‘Big Brother Late & Live’ (ITV)

“You haven’t seen everything, they cut stuff out,” Ekin-Su said, to which Williams replied: “You’re not going to blame it on the edit. One thing you’re not going to do is blame it on the edit, girl. We see what we see and it’s a shame.”

When host Will Best opened it up to the studio audience to try and garner some support for Ekin-Su, he struggled to find an audience member who was on her side.

“Anyone?” he asked, before one audience member put a hand up.

“I wouldn’t say I was on Ekin’s side, but I would say I really respected you setting your boundaries and saying ‘look I need space’ I think that was a really mature response,” a fan said.

Ekin-Su later shared: “I’m just hurt that I wasn’t portrayed as myself on the show”.

AJ cut in and remarked that Ekin-Su had just left the Big Brother house so had not yet seen the edit of the episode.

“It’s interesting because you have literally just walked out of the house,” AJ said. “You don’t know what’s been seen or what’s been said, but I can assure you that everything that has been seen and has been said has been said by you.”

Ekin-Su on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ (Shutterstock for Big Brother)
Ekin-Su on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ (Shutterstock for Big Brother)

Meanwhile, fans have branded that episode “awkward” as they sensed the tension in the studio.

“I almost had to stop watching when they said who was on Ekin-Su’s side and no one said anything,” wrote one viewer on X/Twitter.

After leaving the show, Ekin-Su said in a video clip: “All I want to say is for those who saw me for me and saw my genuine side, thank you for much for following me and supporting me and understanding where I’m coming from, it means so much.”