Don’t go back, your life is much more important! – Malaysian veteran actress Fauziah Nawi advises Malaysians via Instagram (VIDEO)

Arif Zikri
Veteran actress Fauziah Nawi took to Instagram urging Malaysians not to go back to their hometown this Aidilfitri due to the pandemic. — Photo courtesy of Instagram/ Fauziah Nawi

KUALA LUMPUR, May 22 — The government announced yesterday it would not allow any more interstate crossings after thousands of vehicles attempted to cross state borders to balik kampung for the holidays.

To highlight the advice, veteran actress Fauziah Nawi took to Instagram to post a short public service announcement (PSA) video urging Malaysian not to go back to their hometown.

“Don’t go back, I’m okay. Don’t be stubborn, how many years have we spent Hari Raya together, it’s just for this year.”

“Your life is much more important! With God’s will, we’ll be seeing each other soon enough, don’t cry,” she said in the video.

The Red Kebaya actress then went on to remind viewers to always wash their hands and to always follow social distancing.



Fauziah also urged her viewers to stay home and wished everyone a ‘Selamat Hari Raya’.

Fauziah's post has been viewed over 40,000 times and has garnered over 200 comments which includes Raya wishes from social media users to local actors and actresses like Nabila Huda and Que Haidar.

Yesterday, over 2,000 vehicles were told to go back by the authorities after they were found attempting to cross state borders in a bid to go back to their hometown for the Aidilfitri celebrations.

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