Don Jr. Referenced a Fake SBF Pic in His Creepy Request to Courtroom Sketch Artist

Jane Rosenberg/Reuters
Jane Rosenberg/Reuters

Donald Trump Jr. appeared to be so preoccupied with how he was depicted in court on Thursday that he approached a courtroom sketch artist, showed her an overly flattering sketch of Sam Bankman-Fried, and asked the artist to “make me look sexy.” “He said, ‘Did you see the one they made of Sam Bankman-Fried? It made him look like a superstar,’” Reuters’ sketch artist Jane Rosenberg recalled to Insider. However, the image he pulled up on his phone of Bankman-Fried was clearly a fake, showing the usually disheveled crypto fraudster with a comically chiseled jaw. Trump Jr. confirmed the creepy interaction, joking on social media that it seemed “like a reasonable ask.”

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