Dolly Parton reveals the physical attribute Miley Cyrus would need to play her in a biopic

Dolly Parton has said goddaughter Miley Cyrus would be the preferred choice to lead her biopic, but under a few conditions.

In 2022, the country-music legend revealed she was in talks about possibly adapting her life story into a movie musical.

While Parton has given no concrete update on the potential biopic, she has apparently given some thought as to who would be the perfect fit to play her.

“I think Miley would be great,” Parton told Insider in a new interview. “She’s tall, but you can’t really tell that in a movie.”

The “Jolene” singer then quipped that Cyrus would “have to put on some weight, and get some bigger boobs”.

However, beyond matching Parton’s iconic bleach-blonde hair and tiny five-foot frame, she added that whoever played her would also need to have a similar singing voice.

“Miley would have the voice,” Parton said. “She’d have to raise it up a few octaves though.”

Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus (Getty Images for The Recording A)
Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus (Getty Images for The Recording A)

The two most recently shared the stage together for Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party on NBC last year. During the event, they duetted classic melodies and wore matching outfits.

Over the years, both have spoken publicly about their close bond.

In 2021, Parton was listed on Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of the year.

Cyrus wrote the profile for her godmother, calling the “9-5” singer the “definition of humanitarian”.

“Dolly is not only my idol because of her incomparable career – she’s also my role model because of her steadfast morals and values. At her core, she is the definition of a humanitarian,” wrote Cyrus.