Dolla's Sabronzo apologises for music festival fashion

4 Oct – Malaysia's own girl group Dolla recently apologised following the backlash over their overtly sexy wardrobe during their performance at the Good Vibes Weekender 2022 recently.

Member Sabronzo, who spoke to the media at the launch of Naim Daniel's new duet single, "Mungkin Ini Adalah Lagu Yang Paling Sedih Pernah Kubuat" recently, acknowledged that they made a mistake and will do better in the future.

"Following the feedback, we hope to move on and improve ourselves," she said.

Sabronzo stated that the group focused too much on giving it their all at the event that they failed to pay attention to their clothing.

"We will definitely be more careful in the future. Usually, we work with stylists, management companies and several other parties. What happened is a lesson for Dolla. We will try our best in the future. Us as a group will also try to improve shortcomings after this," she added.

The quartet, consisting of Sabronzo, Tabby, Angel, and Syasya, was previously slammed for their over-the-top sexy image at the music festival that did not reflect the Malaysian culture, with some comparing them to another performer - South Korean rapper CL of the former K-pop group 2NE1, who was more covered up than the four of them.

The girls were slammed for their wardrobe choices at the festival
The girls were slammed for their wardrobe choices at the festival

(Photo Source: Dolla Instagram)