DOJ search finds more classified items in Biden home

STORY: The U.S. Department of Justice found more classified documents in a new search of President Joe Biden's home in Wilmington, Delaware on Friday.

A lawyer for Biden disclosed the fact in a statement on Saturday night, saying six items were found, including documents with classification markings.

Some were dated from Biden's time as a senator, which lasted from 1973 to 2009.

Others were from his tenure as vice president in the Obama administration.

In a search that lasted more than 12 hours, Department of Justice investigators also collected some notes that Biden had handwritten as vice president, according to the lawyer, Bob Bauer.

He said the president had offered the authorities “access to his home to allow DOJ to conduct a search of the entire premises for potential vice-presidential records and potential classified material."

It was coordinated with Biden's lawyers ahead of time, Bauer said, with his personal and White House attorneys present for the operation.

The President and First Lady were not present during the search.

The document saga began in November, when Biden’s lawyers found classified documents in a Washington, D.C. private office used by Biden after his vice-presidency.

In December, others were uncovered in Biden’s home.

The two discoveries were separately made public this month.

According to the White House, all of those materials were uncovered by Biden’s lawyers.

Based on information released publicly, Friday's search was the first time federal law enforcement have conducted a search for government documents at Biden's private addresses.