Dogs also have the right to a survival kit in case of natural disasters

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A Japanese company has created survival bags for dogs facing natural disasters.

Japanese company Pet Memorial Shop has come up with the idea of creating a survival bag to allow our four-legged companions to confront natural disasters, unfortunately rather frequent in the land of the Rising Sun. To get a canine rescue package for your dog, you'll have to spend about a hundred dollars.

If this object strikes you as unusual -- or even useless -- it's probably because you don't live in a country where natural disasters are legion. Earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons and earthquakes are unfortunately frequent in Japan. These are situations for which the inhabitants are prepared, but which can affect the safety of pets, especially dogs, who can be trapped in rubble for several days, or even left alone without the possibility of finding their way home.

With this mind, Japanese company Pet Memorial Shop wanted to give a helping hand to man's best friend by creating a bag that fits around a dog like a harness and contains the essential elements for the survival of dogs. Made of fireproof and waterproof polyurethane and polyester, the survival bags contain first of all a pair of gloves and bandages, in order to allow any individual to administer first aid in case of a natural disaster, as well as a muzzle.

But that's not all, because the designers of this bag have also designed pockets to hold any item that would help your beloved pet survive, such as food and water. Last but not least, you can add your contact information to the bag so that anyone can contact you in case of disappearance -- although this information can already appear on your dog's collar.

In order to adapt to the greatest number of people and their pets, the survival bag is proposed in several sizes with a starting price fixed at 13,000 yens (about 119 dollars or 100 euros). A creation that should please all dog owners worried by natural disasters. The only drawback is that human intervention seems to be necessary to use the bag... A dog stuck alone in rubble could not take advantage of the precious resources inside..

Christelle Pellissier