Dogs of steel - Russian turns welding into subtle art

These dog sculptures are made of scrap metal

LOCATION: Yekaterinburg, Russia

Sergei Dzhabbarov collects scrap metal

and uses his welding skills to produce metal hounds

SOUNDBITE) (Russian) WELDER AND SCULPTOR, SERGEI DZHABBAROV, SAYING:"At first we were welding gas pipes and pipelines, but then we started to do more creative welding. We started to love it as we were getting better and better. So now we are totally into the artwork."

Two of the dogs have been purchased by fans in the UK

to guard the steps of a private house, Dzhabbarov said

(SOUNDBITE) (Russian) WELDER AND SCULPTOR, SERGEI DZHABBAROV, SAYING:"It started as a hobby for the soul, but then friends started asking me to make presents for people. Now people are ordering some pieces, but it is hard to do. It all goes very smoothly when you are doing it for yourself. But when people order something specific, it is hard to keep all the details. But we still do it."

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