These dogs will sniff out pangolin smugglers

STORY: These dogs have been trained

to sniff out pangolin smugglers

Locator: London

Buster and Bess have just finished an

eight-week program with London police

and are now heading to Thailand

for their new jobs

(Grant Miller, Counter Trafficking Advisor, London Zoo)

“So Bess and Buster are going out to help a problem on the Indo-Burma peninsula, predominantly in Thailand, where we're seeing live animals like pangolins being trafficked along the road network to the northern neighbors in Thailand. The live animals critically endangered and indeed one of the most trafficked animals in the world. We reckon one is poached every 5 minutes. So really horrific numbers that they've been trafficked in.”

The two will be sniffing out pangolins being

smuggled through airports, ports and roads

''They have a working life of 7 to 8 years, and then they'll be retired and cared for in Thailand. So yeah, they're going to sunnier climes.''