Dogs show off skills ahead of annual Westminster show

STORY: The Westminster Kennel Club is set to hold its annual dog show


Chester the Dog tested his agility at a press preview

[Christina Potter, Chester's owner]

"It makes you feel good, because it's a bonding sport. It really... it's really good for dogs to exercise their body and their mind. It's bonding with the owners. They love it. Dogs just do this just because they love it.

Over 200 breeds and 3,500 dogs

will be competing tooth and claw in various competitions

[David Haddock, Co-Show Chairman]

"Exhibiting a dog at Westminster puts one among the very best competition. And because each dog entered must already have his championship, each has already achieved their own success in their own unique journey on the road to Westminster."

[Gail Miller Bisher, Director of Communications]

"They were bred for a specific reason to work with humans and to help humans, and they still do today. Purebred dogs are helping our communities as search and rescue dogs, military, police, medic-alert dogs, and lots of different ways, service dogs. And so having these predictable purebred dogs in our communities and celebrating their differences and their unique instincts and and histories, we think it's invaluable."

Organizers also announced new breeds accepted to the club

If you own a 'Mudi' or a 'Russian Toy', this could be your year

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