Dogs in Flooded Eastern Kentucky Shelter 'Unhappy and Very Upset'

Dogs at an eastern Kentucky animal shelter were “unhappy and very upset” after being forced to stand in water on July 28 following deadly flooding in the region, a worker at the shelter said.

In this footage, a staff member at Wolfe County Animal Shelter says that water was “moving in rapidly” and staff could not clear it because “there’s nowhere for it to go.”

Kentucky Gov Andy Beshear reported that the death toll from flooding rose to 16 and was expected to grow as rain continued to come down in the region.

The animal shelter asked for members of the public to temporarily house a dog until the flooding in the building receded. Credit: Wolfe County Animal Shelter via Storyful

Video transcript


- This is the situation at the Wolfe County Animal Shelter. We are flooded, the front is flooded, our dogs are standing in water, we have nowhere to put them.


It's not as bad back in the kennel area, but it is moving in rapidly. We did get our momma pup out, and we got a puppy out, and Sadie is out, but--

And we cannot get any water out until the waters go down because there's nowhere for it to go. So this is our situation. And most of our dogs are big dogs. If you're able to house a couple of our dogs or one of our dogs for a day or two, we would be most appreciative, if you can come and talk to us. But they are unhappy and very upset. But this is a situation at 12:30.


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