Dog Walker Leads Pack of Pups Through Several Feet of Snow in Northern California

A professional dog walker led six of his clients through heavy snow in Truckee, California, on January 28, amid a series of stormy days that brought at least 37 inches of snow to the area, according to the National Weather Service.

Dog walker Tommy Rosario posted a video of his adventure to his Instagram profile. The footage shows him creating a path for enthusiastic four-legged hikers Gerald, Margaret, Brady, Bean, Ranger, and Yuba.

“We go out daily for hikes and adventures to our favorite hiking spots,” Rosario told Storyful. “The dogs absolutely love going out in the snow. There isn’t too much that stops us from going out,” he said.

Rosario has been a dog lover all his life, and as a native to the area, isn’t cowed by its notoriously intense winters. “Most people would shy away from weather like we’ve been experiencing in Truckee lately, but I love it and the dogs love it.” Credit: Russell (Tommy) Rosario via Storyful