Dog Unimpressed by Straw That Sounds Like Clown Horn

A pooch in Leominster, Massachusetts, didn’t seem to understand why his owner was so delighted by a straw that made a squeaky “clown horn” sound on January 16.

Footage posted by Graeme Noseworthy with the caption “The straw in my iced coffee sounds like a clown horn” shows his dog Remy looking distinctly unimpressed as Noseworthy makes a noise with a straw and a plastic cup after their trip to the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru.

Noseworthy told Storyful 16-year-old Remy loves going to Dunkin’ Donuts because the staff almost “always give him a special treat.”

Noseworthy added that on this particular day "they forgot to give his usual treat.

“So not only was Remy unimpressed with the sound the straw made, he doesn’t think it’s funny because he wants his treat,” he said. Credit: Graeme Noseworthy via Storyful

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