Dog and Two Hikers Airlifted From Canyon Trail in Arizona

A dog and two hikers were rescued by a sheriff’s department air unit on a remote canyon trail in Pima County, Arizona, on August 28, after they reported “heat-related issues”, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department (PCSD) said.

The sheriff’s department said the three “could not walk out of the area on their own.”

Footage posted by the PCSD shows a helicopter airlifting the dog, named Whisky, from the ground.

All three have now recovered, PCSD said, warning people to hike early to avoid heat problems. Credit: Pima County Sheriff’s Department via Storyful

Video transcript

Now, get ready to lift. [INAUDIBLE] There's no [INAUDIBLE].

- Well, yeah.

- Bring up the load.

- Bringing it up now.

Coming up real nice, Mel.

- Only the dog.

- We're sixty foot. We're doing real good. Real- real calm. Keep your clipper forward. He's at forty foot. He's doing real good, Mel. Wiggling a little bit. Just moved the skid. At the skid. Wiggling a little bit. He's to me. He's good. He's good. He's to me.

- I got him. I got him to me, Mel.


- He's locked in. He's safe. He's good. He's right here on my lap, but--

- All right.

- Inbound to you with the dog. He's doing really good.

- Hey, huh. Huh?


Hey, you're doing good. He's the best patient we've ever had.